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Get out on your bike: what to do coming out of lockdown in Edinburgh

Here in Edinburgh we are delighted we are now permitted to go cycling with someone from another household. We have seen a massive uptake in the use of bikes across the city. This is fabulous, it has been lovely to have quiet roads too. We are looking forward to starting up our regular bike tours again and to seeing tourists return to our rather quiet city.


Get Out On a Bike.

Meanwhile if you live in Edinburgh we are delighted to let you know that our guides are here to help you make the most of our fabulous cycling opportunities. You can use your own bike or use one of ours. We have a variety of shapes and sizes of bikes, suitable for all abilities.  We'll help pick the right size and set it up in the best way possible for your comfort.


Would you like a guide for a day? Book a bike buddy.

Our guides love cycling and are happy to show you the scenic, safest routes around the city.

New to commuting by bike? Our guide will help you find the best routes.

The guide will be your bike buddy.


Feel the need to get out on your bike but you don't know where to go? Book a guide.

Book one of our Edinburgh Bike Tours guides and head off into nearby surrounds of Edinburgh - become familiar with country parks, quiet roads and the network of bike paths outside Edinburgh.


Need help with maintenance of your bicycle? Book our mechanic.

Book a guide to go over basic bike maintenance with you - how to fix a puncture, mend a broken chain and generally check over your bike. What to take with you on a bike ride and planning routes etc.


Need a change of scene? Go on a bike tour.

Contact us about a bike tour for your family, household or just for yourself.  All our tours are private at the moment and will be tailored to fit with you, whatever your level.


Don't feel confident in traffic?

Some of our guides also work as delivery cyclists - they are used to cycling in Edinburgh's traffic. Book a guide to go cycing witg you specifically to help you negotate tricky junctions. The guides will give you top tips on how to avoid the dangers of traffic heavy roads.


COVID - 19 cycling 

At our Leith bike depot we have hand sanitisers and alcohol disinfectant, plus we have plenty of space and can easily keep to the 2 m social distancing whilst sorting out a bike for you to use. Then, of course our bike tours are outside in the fresh, often fast moving air of Edinburgh (a windy city) ... cycling is the perfect sport for getting out and about in Covid times.

Our guides are more than happy to discuss their personal experiences with you. They will share all the information you'll need to get to work safely by bike and on time. Talk to your guides for tips on route planning, what to pack, what to wear, checking your bike before you go, what to do if you puncture on the way. Hope to see you soon!



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